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Advertise with us

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

Thank you for picking interest in advertising on Coolstories/Forum!

We the Coolstories Team runs a Targeted Ad Platform with which any Coolstories member can place adverts on the sections of our forum where the people he/she wants to reach are most likely to be found (for example, on 18+ Stories Section and Bloggers Tips).

To place ads on Coolstories/Forum, the first step you need to do is to get your ad banner designed by a good graphic designer. Your ad banner must be borderless, 318 pixels wide, 106 pixels tall, less than 30kb in size, and in the PNG or JPG format. Once it’s ready, just scroll down to see our Estimated Advertising Rates to find out how much it’ll cost to advertise on the various sections of Coolstories Forum

Our Estimated Advertising Rates

  • Home Page ₦201,581.46  ₦271,603.78/week (₦38,800.54/day, ₦1,180,991.46/month).
  • SEO Tools ₦91,710.98  ₦80,480.45/week (₦11,497.21/day, ₦349,946.23/month). 
  • WordPress Tutorial ₦55,018.72  ₦42,726.57/week (₦6,103.80/day, ₦185,784.28/month). 
  • Plugines Tutorial ₦44,755.79  ₦23,645.71/week (₦3,377.96/day, ₦102,816.60/month). 
  • Affiliate Marketing ₦37,943.30  ₦24,102.35/week (₦3,443.19/day, ₦104,802.19/month). 
  • Review ₦35,399.17  ₦17,026.69/week (₦2,432.38/day, ₦74,035.71/month). 
  • How to ₦32,900.08  ₦20,944.68/week (₦2,992.10/day, ₦91,071.95/month). 
  • Matured Stories ₦28,674.25  ₦31,683.45/week (₦4,526.21/day, ₦137,766.44/month). 
  • 18+ Stories ₦23,124.05  ₦46,795.71/week (₦6,685.10/day, ₦203,477.78/month). 
  • Love & Romance Stories ₦22,249.59  ₦9,337.79/week (₦1,333.97/day, ₦40,602.71/month). 
  • Action & Adventures Stories ₦20,993.79  ₦6,287.81/week (₦898.26/day, ₦27,340.74/month). 
  • Comedy Stories ₦18,353.02  ₦27,207.25/week (₦3,886.75/day, ₦118,302.95/month). 
  • Horror & Supernatural ₦17,807.82  ₦22,500.09/week (₦3,214.30/day, ₦97,835.21/month). 
  • Erotic Stories ₦17,390.56  ₦6,144.96/week (₦877.85/day, ₦26,719.58/month). 
  • General/Discussion ₦15,698.40  ₦2,650.78/week (₦378.68/day, ₦11,526.15/month). 
  • BBNaija ₦12,778.50  ₦57,603.80/week (₦8,229.11/day, ₦250,473.65/month). 
  • Celebrities Gossip ₦10,481.73  ₦3,147.30/week (₦449.61/day, ₦13,685.11/month). 
  • Romance ₦8,628.20  ₦5,300.74/week (₦757.25/day, ₦23,048.74/month). 
  • Politics ₦6,984.47  ₦1,245.20/week (₦177.89/day, ₦5,414.39/month). 
  • Crime ₦6,512.39  ₦10,326.37/week (₦1,475.20/day, ₦44,901.27/month). 
  • Family ₦6,299.13  ₦4,159.46/week (₦594.21/day, ₦18,086.24/month). 
  • Religion ₦5,855.32  ₦1,802.19/week (₦257.46/day, ₦7,836.30/month). 
  • Education ₦5,151.31  ₦14,719.75/week (₦2,102.82/day, ₦64,004.64/month). 
  • NYSC ₦4,455.53  ₦1,595.79/week (₦227.97/day, ₦6,938.84/month). 
  • Travel ₦4,192.34  ₦2,409.65/week (₦344.24/day, ₦10,477.69/month). 
  • Relationship Tips ₦4,133.55  ₦2,238.56/week (₦319.79/day, ₦9,733.73/month).
  • Coolstories Ads ₦4,044.68  ₦2,423.54/week (₦346.22/day, ₦10,538.07/month). 
  • News ₦3,797.11  ₦4,258.52/week (₦608.36/day, ₦18,516.97/month). 
  • Lets Talk ₦3,750.05  ₦8,283.37/week (₦1,183.34/day, ₦36,017.86/month). 
  • Computers/Phones ₦3,712.35  ₦1,465.84/week (₦209.41/day, ₦6,373.78/month). 

We look forward to doing business with you!

Best regards,
Emuobonuvie Nyerhovwo Gabriel

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